A Letter to Our Clients: Port of Oakland to Implement Extended Gate Fee

Client Advisory:

Port of Oakland Update


Due to the severe congestion, the Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) has been sponsoring extended gates with the assistance of the Port of Oakland’s Transition Assistance Plan (TAP). The current program, expiring during the last week of June was operated free of charge. This will be replaced with a “fee based” program which is detailed below.

In order to continue to operate four extended gates weekly, effective June 27, 2016, OICT Is implementing a $30 per container transaction fee for all LOADED import (local delivery and IPI cargo) and export containers for both the day and night shifts.

  • This will not apply to empty transactions.
  • There is no expiry date for this fee.

Topocean has established an account for the payment of this fee on behalf of our clients per request. Should you have any question please contact your sales representative.


If any clients would like to pay the fee directly the links to the options are listed below.

Wire Transfer Instruction Form: https://b58.tideworks.com/WireTransferInstructionSSAOICTB58.xls


Advance Payment Notifications: https://b58.tideworks.com/OICTAdvancePaymentNotification.pdf






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HMM Begins Talk with 2M Alliance, Possible Future Purchase


Source: www.shippingwatch.com

Earlier this week, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) sent out a newsletter to its customers explaining that it has begun talks with Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Co. (MSC) to join the 2M alliance. With HMM cutting down their recent debt issues and successful meetings with shareholders, the Korea-based shipping company has shifted focus onto forming an alliance for the future.

HMM is currently a part of the G6 alliance, which also includes APL, Hapag-Lloyd, MOL, NYK Line and Orient Overseas Container Line. The alliance’s standing contract is set to expire in March 2017 but due to the recent alliance shifts in the industry, HMM must plan ahead to avoid the risk of being unattended in a world predicated on partnerships. Both the Maersk Line and MSC are part of the most powerful and profitable shipping companies in the world – joining the 2M alliance would help HMM cut costs and improve both service and ratings.

Lars Jensen, CEO and partner of SeaIntelligence Consulting, believes that Maersk Line might be considering buying HMM in the future. Maersk Line surprised many analysts recently with their profitable first quarter despite the slow-down in the industry. By accepting HMM into the alliance and taking over in the future, Maersk Line is looking to further the gap between itself and its competitors.

SOURCE: www.shippingwatch.com

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Welcome to Topocean’s revamped website!

As a brief introduction, we hope that this post can help you better navigate the new website layout and offer you Topocean’s full services at your fingertips.

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