China’s end-June 40% vaccination goal a long shot

Time is running out in Beijing’s push to immunize no less than 40% of its 1.3 billion-plus population against the novel coronavirus by the end of June.

China’s top leadership is replicating the same cure-all mass mobilization tactic that helped the nation tide over waves of Covid resurgences a year ago to rev up a nationwide, no-one-left-behind drive to administer shots.

All provinces and municipalities launched their roll-outs to most residents since late March and the clock is ticking and viral spillovers from Myanmar have ignited clusters in southwestern Yunnan province, ending China’s weeks-long streak of no new infections.

The all-out blitz to shake off complacency and extend vaccine coverage to the masses has, nonetheless, hastened a relapse of some controversial practices once widespread during the height of China’s war to squash pneumonia back in early 2020.