New UK Freight Ferry Port Passes Dress Rehearsal

May 18, 2020

Two of P&O’s chartered freight ferry fleet, the Bore Song and the Norstream, arrived at the new ro-ro terminal on the Thames on Sunday 17 May, where the port team carried out a full test of the marine facilities – including manoeuvring and tying up the ship to test the berth; lowering the ship’s ferry ramp to test the pontoon facilities; and carrying out a full risk assessment.

Port operator Forth Ports said the ship trial was “deemed a success with a smooth execution of all the test points being achieved”.

The ferry terminal, which is due to open next week, has a capacity of 500,000 units and will operate in partnership between the port and P&O Ferries, importing and exporting containers and trailers with food, drink, medicines and other vital supplies to and from Europe.

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Source: Lloyd’s Loading List