OCEAN Alliance Announces New ‘Day Two Product’ to Commence April 2018

The OCEAN Alliance, comprising ocean carriers CMA CGM, APL, COSCO, Evergreen Line and OOCL, will launch an enhanced service offering with 41 east-west loops starting in April 2018.

French carrier CMA CGM, a member of the OCEAN Alliance along with subsidiary line APL, COSCO, OOCL, and Evergreen Line, has announced the launch of the OCEAN Alliance Day Two Product, starting in April 2018.

According to CMA CGM, the OCEAN Alliance Day Two Product will offer 41 enhanced services with an estimated carrying capacity of around 3.6 million TEUs spread across 340 containerships. The French carrier will deploy over one-third of these vessels, or 122 ships.

“OCEAN Alliance has been a fantastic success from a customer perspective since its launch last spring and we are very enthusiastic to announce our Day Two Product,” said Olivier Nivoix, senior vice president of OCEAN Alliance Lines at CMA CGM. “This new product perfectly illustrates our customer-centric strategy, by improving the service level provided with new solutions in key areas such as US East Coast, Red Sea, Middle East Gulf and Europe.”

The new product offering will feature 20 transpacific services, six Asia-Europe loops, four Asia-Mediterranean services, four transatlantic strings, five Asia-Middle East services and two Asia-Red Sea services.

CMA CGM specified that on the transatlantic trade, the Victory Bridge service will be split to offer two specific services to the East Coast of the United States (Independence Bridge) and to the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico (Victory Bridge), but gave little else in the way of details pertaining to the port rotations and vessel size of the enhanced services.

According to ocean carrier schedule and capacity database BlueWater Reporting, the OCEAN Alliance currently operates 39 services using 330 vessels with an aggregate capacity of 3.04 million TEUs.