Top 5 Robot Trends in 2021

It’s no surprise that more robots are being used in industrials settings. However the rate of the increase if high as annual installations of industrial robots more than tripled within ten years (2010-2019) reaching 381 thousand units in factories around the world, according to The International Federation of Robotics.

“The mission to combine traditional production with ´go digital strategies´ puts robots in a pole position,” says Susanne Bieller, general secretary of the IFR, in a statement.

The group offers some predictions on trends happening in 2021:

Robots help to secure supply chains: The pandemic situation has made the weakness of globalized supply chains visible. Manufacturers have the opportunity to rethink supply with a completely different outlook. When productivity is leveled through automation, manufacturers have increased flexibility that may not have been available in high-wage countries like most of the European Union, North America, Japan, or the Republic of Korea. Robotic automation offers productivity, flexibility and security.

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Source: Material Handling & Logistics