Trade war and tariffs fail to slow growing surge of US imports from China

US west coast ports, and rail and road links to the interior, are currently struggling with a surge of imports from Asia, mostly from China.

Despite all the fiery rhetoric and tariffs, the flow of goods from China to the US has not slowed down.

“We have not seen a major slowdown in business with China, it’s pretty steady, if not growing,” said Bob Imbriani, vice-president international services of forwarder Team Worldwide.

If anything, US appetite for goods from China has increased: the country’s trade surplus with the US reached $34.2bn in August – the highest level since November 2018, when the trade conflict ramped up.

US imports overall have continued to outpace exports in recent months. Exports increased 11.8% from June to July, ending up 15.9% below their July 2019 tally, while imports maintained their upward momentum to reach pre-pandemic levels.

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Source: The Load Star