Truckers’ Holiday Season Wait Times Top 7 Hours in San Antonio

January 2, 2020

San Antonio was at the top of the list for wait times for truckers in November and early December, increasing to as much as 7.7 hours, according to FreightWaves SONAR data.

Normally El Paso and Laredo, Texas, are the worst offenders on or near the U.S.-Mexico border for trucker wait times.

Logistics professionals said the increase in San Antonio could be a mix of factors, including large volumes of shipments moving across the South Texas region, as well as carriers that service Mexico using San Antonio as a distribution point.

“A ton of carriers that service Mexico use San Antonio for a yard location instead of Laredo,” Matt Silver, CEO of Chicago-based Forager, told FreightWaves. “I think there’s also more facilities being built there as a distribution point out of Mexico instead of Laredo or Dallas because of how congested those cities are becoming.”

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Source: Freight Waves