Vietnam a victim of its own Covid-19 success

Vietnam’s Covid-19 success story was almost too good to be true.

Before last weekend, Vietnam had gone 100 days without recording a single locally-transmitted Covid-19 infection, earned the mantle of the largest country without a single fatality from the virus, and its economy was an oddity in the world for reopening to near pre-coronavirus levels.

But as a second wave of infections spreads across the country, with cases confirmed as far apart as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City this week, that success story could quickly turn into a cautionary tale on the risks of reopening too fast and too broad.

Before the recent outbreak, the country of 95 million had earned international praise for keeping the number of confirmed cases at just 450 with zero deaths.

The latest wave is believed to have originated in the coastal city of Danang, which saw locals flock to its beaches and attractions last weekend to take advantage of discounts given by Hanoi to revive the beleaguered domestic tourism industry.

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Source: Asia Times