What does shipper of choice mean in 2021?

How does a shipper ensure a carrier is available when needed? Over the last couple of years, a term has arisen to paint a picture of a company that checks the boxes of an organization that a carrier wants to work with: shipper of choice.

In 2019, we asked a panel of experts what went into becoming a shipper of choice. They noted that carriers covet considerations like speed, profitability and digital connectivity.

A lot has changed since 2019 — with shippers and carriers alike dealing with dramatic demand swings during the pandemic and 2020 — but maybe not when it comes to shipper of choice.

“Shippers can’t necessarily do anything about the demand patterns that have come from the pandemic,” said Angela Acocella, a research assistant and PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation and Logistics, whose recent research has looked at reciprocity between carriers and shippers.

What the pandemic did was underscore how difficult the process of freight procurement can be, Acocella said.

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Source: Supply Chain Dive